Sunday, February 26, 2017

Christmas 2016

We had a delightful Christmas!  Rob's parents spent a week with us.  We went to a tour of a local candy factory that makes candy canes by hand, saw some movies in the theater, and made gingerbread houses.  Christmas was extra special this year with Christmas Day being on Sunday.  What a perfect day to worship the Savior and renew our covenants to follow Him.

 This was Christmas Eve during our annual sing-a-long

Christmas Day selfie ;)

As always the cousin gifts were the highlight.

Grandma definitely has the most skill with frosting!!

We enjoyed a sunny (but cold!) day over the break.

The above pictures were taken while we were at a retirement home performing for the residents there.  We sang a song a capella as a family.
God bless us, every one ;)

Feliz Navidad

Rob has a leadership role with the local Spanish speaking congregation of our church.  That meant we got to go to their Christmas Party!  Now let me tell you- those guys know how to party!  I couldn't believe it when I saw the time for the party on the flyer: 5pm-10pm!

The party started out with dinner, then a short musical program followed by Santa Claus, then pinatas.  I am not sure if there was anything after that, as it was very icy that night and we chose to leave early.

I think this is the Santa line

 Elise didn't quite know what to make of it all.

 I have never sought out opportunities for my kids to sit on Santa's lap, and usually skip out on it if given the choice...but Sydney certainly enjoyed this opportunity!  I love how she is giving Santa a hug!

Cute Russell!!

Elise was pretty adamant that she was not going to sit on Santa's lap...until she saw the gift Santa gave Sydney!  Then she wanted a rainbow haired mermaid, too!  

Elise needed her big sister nearby, though

Santa insisted that even the big kids sit on his lap :)

 It was definitely an experience watching the kids participate in the pinata.  Those kids know how to swing...even the little itty-bitty girls!  It was amazing.  And I love how they chant a song during each child's turn...when the song is over, the turn is over.

Russ gets baptized!

We were lucky this year in that we celebrated Russ' birthday with my sister's family. It is always more fun to be with cousins!

The nice thing about having a birthday shortly after Halloween is that costumes are on clearance!

 What a goof, hehe.

 I love being near so much family!!

 The following weekend Russ was baptized.  I feel so very blessed that we had so many of our family with us again that weekend.  My sister and family came, and Rob's brother and three of their kids came, Rob's parents, my parents, and Rob's cousin and family were there.  It was a special day for a special boy.  I am grateful that Russ wanted to covenant to follow Christ.
 After the baptism we had a yummy dinner with all of our guests.